The Problem

Let's face it, the majority of cords are just not as thoughtful as we would like them to be. Instead of staying put when you unplug them they often make a beeline for the back of the desk, table or nightstand and then on to the floor, leaving you on your hands and knees digging in the dust bunnies to find them and put them back where they belong. Mobile phone chargers, laptop power cords, USB cables, and ethernet cords can all be troublemakers so we wanted to design a solution that would tame them all.

Pinza's Solution

Pinza teaches your cords to be more considerate and looks good doing it. Pinzas are cast from solid stainless steel and hand polished. They are incredibly easy to use. Slide the black band on the right side off and run your cords through. To adjust the amount of cord in front of the Pinza, just pull on the cord. The Pinza will rotate up allowing the cord to slide through. When you stop pulling, the Pinza will rotate back down, pinning the cord and holding it in place.

Large Pinza

The larger Pinza is the ideal size for multiple cords.  It will easily hold 3 or 4 cords at a time and can handle particularly unruly cords like monitor cables.

$16.00 purchase

Small Pinza

The smaller Pinza is roughly half the size of the large, and is perfect for 1 or 2 cords or small spaces.  It was designed with cords like mobile phone chargers in mind.

$12.00 purchase

The Creation of Pinza

Pinza was created in Portland, Oregon by the Bright Light Team and local designer Graeme Wagoner-Lynch as a solution to our common encounters with unruly cords. The Pinza site photography was done by Leah Verwey and Liz Devine. Site design and development was done by the Bright Light Team and Nephyrtech.